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Family Lawyers in Gainesville, FL

Any issue involving families is going to be a deeply personal one. When it comes to separations, divorce, or child custody, this is especially true. Fortunately, you have someone in your corner when your family structure is changing. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we stand up for the rights of men in family law cases, working for the fair outcomes they deserve.

When you're looking for effective family lawyers in Gainesville, FL, you don't have to look further than our firm. With more than 16 years of experience working with men throughout the community, you can count on us to take the approaches that yield the best possible results.

With our extensive experience, we understand the small details in family law that end up making big differences in our clients' cases. Our family attorneys believe that men should be entitled to their rights as parents and as income earners. If you want to make your divorce or separation easier, schedule a consultation at our office. Let us know if you're a first responder as you may be eligible for a discount.

Helping You Stay Strong During This Emotional Time

When your family structure is changing, it can bring a lot of emotions to the surface for both parties. However, the team at our family law office knows how to stay calm and level-headed throughout the entire process. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting you the solutions you deserve, but also making the process as easy as possible on both a legal and personal level.

When clients choose us, they feel safer in our hands. As a family law service for men, we understand the unique challenges our clients face when trying to settle alimony or child support payments, or to resolve custody disputes. Even though the legal obstacles may seem stacked against you, you have someone who can navigate those obstacles and work towards a fair outcome.

Father with Daughter in Gainesville, FL

Offering a Range of Family Law Services

A family law office is only good if it offers the legal services you need. That's why we work to address your most pressing issues. So turn to our family lawyers when you need someone to fight for you in any of the following situations:

  • Divorce
  • Pet Custody
  • Legal Separation
  • Financial Obligations Including Taxes and Health Insurance
  • Mediation
  • Debt Division
  • Property Division
  • Disposition of the Marital Home
  • Visitation
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support Payments

Contact us today to learn more about our family law services. We proudly serve clients throughout Gainesville, Alachua, Waldo, Melrose, and Hawthorn, Florida.

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Get the help you need to ensure your rights are upheld in your divorce.

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We do more than divorce. Legal separations may still require legal assistance.

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You have rights when it comes to your children. Let us protect those rights.

Get a fair treatment during your separation or divorce.
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