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Divorce can be difficult for children because it's such a big disruption to the family structure. But you can help ease the transition into the new family dynamic by ensuring they are well taken care of. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we realize that each family and each divorce case is different.For that reason, having the mother automatically be awarded primary or sole custody isn't always what's best for the child. That's why we work to ensure father's rights are acknowledged.

We know that despite your marriage ending, you still love your kids and want to be there for them. We make sure you can be in their lives as much as possible. So when you're ready to be the father you want to be in this divorce, schedule a consultation with our child custody attorney in Gainesville, FL.

The Three Types of Custody

Our child custody lawyer is ready to represent you so your child can grow up in the best environment for their needs. When determining the type of custody arrangement that would be best for children, most judges favor joint custody. This is when both parents share custody, but one parent serves as the child's primary residence. This allows kids to have a place they feel at home, but still get to see both parents regularly.

Sole custody is what many parents want. However, to get awarded sole custody, they usually have to prove that the other parent is unfit. Children can still see both parents, but the person who isn't awarded custody has to work with a child visitation lawyer to work out when to see their kids and whether the visits have to be in certain places or supervised.

Shared custody is often the most difficult to work out. Parents in these cases split custody and residential arrangements. Because they're being shuffled around between each parent's house, children often don't feel like they have a true home. When you work with our child custody attorney, we look at your family's needs and circumstances to decide what's best.

Father and Daughter in Gainesville, FL

Working With You to Modify Your Custody Agreement

If you're unsatisfied with your current custody arrangement, you can change it. Whether your circumstances are a lot better than when you first got divorced or you simply didn't have the right child custody attorney the first time around, our legal team is here to ensure the modification process goes smoothly. Visit our office to learn how you can start seeing your kids more often.

Contact us today to learn more about our child custody services. We proudly serve clients throughout Gainesville, Alachua, Waldo, Melrose, and Hawthorn, Florida.