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Just because you're going through a divorce doesn't mean you are any less of a father. You want your child to have everything that he or she deserves, but you don't want all of your resources drained in the settlement—that's not good for you or your child.

For decades, men were the primary income earners for the household. This means that after parents got divorced, it was up to them to pay child support in the vast majority of cases. However, more and more women earn just as much or even more than men. But divorce laws are slow to catch up to this trend.

At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we work to ensure these payments are fair. After all, child support is meant to ensure that the lifestyle your child has grown accustomed to changes as little as possible. Talk to our child support lawyer in Gainesville, FL, to get started working on your case.

Assessing Each Person's Financial Status After a Divorce

Because each person's family is different, they are likely to have different financial statuses. This does not just include how much money each person makes—it also includes additional financial burdens, which can include the following:

  • Finding a New Job
  • Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • Renting or Buying a New Home or Apartment

As experienced child support attorneys, we look at all of these factors to determine who should be paying support and how much. We don't want either person to go bankrupt because of their support payments. We just want what you want—the situation that's best for your child.

Making Sure You're More Than Your Paycheck

In many divorces, men end up sending a check to their ex-spouse once a month and don't even get the opportunity to see their child. But you deserve more than that. Our child support lawyer works in a holistic manner to get a fairer outcome.

If you make your payments on time, you have the beginnings of a pretty strong custody case. Our attorneys can show a judge that you're a dependable man who deserves to be in your child's life. Schedule a consultation to start looking over your case.

Contact us today to learn more about our child support services. We proudly serve clients throughout Gainesville, Alachua, Waldo, Melrose, and Hawthorn, Florida.